Our troughs are designed to withstand reasonable handling when loading, transporting to farm and unloading, and installing on farm. We recommend that you utilise our Fact Sheet ‘Handling with care’ for specific instructions on how to unload or install your troughs or concrete products.

There are some secret plumbing tips that make your stock water plumbing a breeze. You can find those in our Fact Sheet: ‘Connecting your trough’

We are motivated to look after all our clients to our best ability and have a committed team who are striving to ensure we are producing our products as efficiently as possible whilst ensuring premium quality.

As the Conron Stockcrete brand has established a name for excellence, we often experience heavy demand regardless of seasonal conditions.

We will be very honest about the timeframe you can expect on an order, and will look to accommodate your needs as best possible. We do appreciate you placing an order well ahead of the time that you expect to be undertaking your water project.

We have a large network of dealers, both corporate and independent rural stores and irrigation installers from whom you can purchase your Conron Stockcrete products. If your local dealer is not a stockist, ask them to get in touch or contact us and we can facilitate your purchase with the nearest dealer to you.

Yes, we sure do! We supply a range of float valves to accommodate many different scenarios and needs. You can view our range of float valves here.

You can find a Factsheet: The right float valve for you here, which will outline the considerations to take into account when selecting a float valve.

Aside from the livestock production benefits of keeping your water troughs clean, the more frequently you clean your trough the easier it will be.

Conron Stockcrete troughs are designed to be super easy to clean, so no longer is it a job that nobody wants to do.

We recommend that you turn the water off at the ball valve into your trough (if you have one), remove the cap from the outlet and leave it inside the trough once drained when the paddock is not in use. Any algae will dry up and flake off the walls, and this also prevents any leaks or pipe plumbing issues occurring while not in use.

This is one of the most overlooked topics in livestock production. Check out our Factsheet: Planning your stockwater system for our favourite tips. You will never regret an investment in a quality, well-designed stockwater system.

We have a wide range of dealers across south eastern Australia, some of whom carry stock all the time. We also exhibit at all the main agricultural field days in south eastern Australia with a wide variety of product to ensure our prospective clients can appreciate what makes a Conron Stockcrete trough unique.
Get in touch and we will help you find the nearest trough to view in the flesh.

Give us a call, send us an email or submit an enquiry through our website form. We would love to chat about what your needs are, and what the best options for your individual set up might be.

We have a Factsheet for this! Check out our blog post here