Why Conron?

Engineered for longevity 
Our troughs are cast as a single, robust piece, ensuring durability and stock-proof reliability. Conron Stockcrete troughs represent a lasting investment and asset, designed to serve future generations.

Effortless maintenance 
Featuring a tapered center drainage aligned with a 4" outlet, our troughs are designed for easy cleaning. Sweep-through access between the float and drinking areas streamlines maintenance, making cleaning a simple task.

Convenient accessibility 
Accessing the float valve is effortless, facilitated by a sturdy yet lightweight galvanized chequer plate lid. This design provides ample room for easy float access, accommodating users of all strengths.

Enhanced livestock production
Optimize productivity, efficiency, and water quality to improve herd health and weight gains. Our troughs ensure cooler water and cleaner watering points, contributing to overall livestock well-being.

Rigorously tested 
Our trough designs undergo rigorous testing with cattle, sheep, and horses, ensuring they withstand the demands of farm life. Say goodbye to empty tanks and trough damage caused by curious or restless livestock.

Premium specifications 
Setting the standard in trough quality, we utilize synthetic fibre, steel reinforcement, and 45 MPa computer-batched concrete to maximize longevity. Trough walls are 70mm thick, with a base thickness of 100mm, ensuring durability unmatched in the market.

We have a range of cost effective delivery options that will enable smooth delivery to your place.