Conron Stockcrete offer a range of Float Valves for your new Trough from high pressure to low pressure 

Solid Heavy Duty Brass Float Valve with Stainless Steel Seats and 9-inch float ball.
Great for high and low-pressure requirements where the water in the trough is likely to freeze.

High Pressure Valve operates at 20 PSI to 120 PSI @ 100 litres per minute.

Low Pressure Valve operates from 0-25 PSI @ 400 litres per minute. 


Great all round valve for high and low-pressure requirements.

Operates at 3 PSI to 175 PSI – 188 litres per minute @ 29 PSI.


Great quick recovery of water in intensive setups.

The compact design gives you plenty of room to include a shutoff valve in the same compartment as the float.

Operates at 3 PSI to 175 PSI – 570 litres per minute @ 29 PSI.